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Sun or shade? It makes a difference

One of the keys to choosing the right plants for your garden is knowing your light conditions. Use this guide from LSU AgCenter to help determine yours:

  1. Full sun: eight or more hours of direct sun per day.

  2. Part sun: about four to six hours of afternoon sun per day.

  3. Part shade: about four hours of direct sun in the morning.

  4. Shade: about two hours of direct morning sunlight or dappled light throughout the day.

Now that you know your conditions, here’s a list of some of the most popular bedding plants:

Sun to part sun:

  1. Angelonia

  2. Marigold

  3. Zinnia

  4. Pentas

  5. Periwinkle

  6. Sweet potato vine

Part shade to shade:

  1. Impatiens

  2. Begonia

  3. Caladium

  4. Torenia

  5. New Guinea impatiens

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