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Fall is for Planting!

Just ask an experienced gardener – or one of Akin’s on-staff horticulturists.

Every spring – after the fear of frost has passed – excited gardeners head to the nursery or garden center to find perennials, trees, and shrubs to complete their landscape. However, experienced gardeners know that actually...

Fall is the ideal time to plant.

But Why? …

1. Root Growth. During the transition from summer to winter, the conditions are ideal for root growth - The temps are a bit cooler, rainfall increases, and new plant growth slows. Whenever we plant something new, a key concern is getting the root system established, and in the fall, everything in the plant and its environment work together to encourage the quick development of strong, healthy roots. Days get shorter, air temperatures start to drop, and plants get the signal that it’s time to start shutting down in preparation for winter. That means putting more energy into developing roots rather than making new foliage and flowers as they do in the spring.

2. A head start to spring. Plants installed in September, October, and November have several months of active root growth during the dormant season. When warmer temperatures arrive in the spring, these plants can put their energy into growth – rather than setting root – and get a good hold before the heat of summer returns.

Now you only have to ask yourself – what should I plant? Akin’s is here to help with that!

In additional to our Full Service retail garden center, we have landscape crews that can help you decide what to plant and complete the job. We also offer complimentary landscape estimates. Call today to get on the schedule.

So whether you prefer to DIY or let our trained crews make your dreams a reality, Akin’s is your first stop.

We Create Curb Appeal!

Call us at 318-868-2701 or come experience our nursery at 5901 E Kings Hwy in Shreveport.

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