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Mums – A Fall Classic

Mums and crotons can only mean one thing… fall is near. Mums are such an enjoyable, colorful fall plant that can be used to decorate your patio, front door, and even indoors. With these simple tips you can enjoy them even longer!

~ Keep them moist. Mums like their soil to be moist. Every other day you will need to check on them. When the top 1” of soil is dry to the touch, you need to water. Mums will not last long if they dry out.

~ Avoid the blooms. When watering, avoid the blooms. Try to stick the spout of your watering can deep down past the leaves the blooms. This will keep them looking their best.

~ Don’t let them sit in water. Don’t let your mums sit in water. If water comes out to the drainage holes, just come back behind and pour it out or dry it up with a paper towel.

~ Hide the growers pot. Mums really shine in a festive basket or pot. Akin’s carries so many options for you to choose from at a variety of price points. Or… reuse and repurpose something you already have at home. Lots of things can be used as planters when you start looking.

~ Deadhead the spent blooms. When you spot a spent bloom, pinch it off and enjoy the remaining blooms. Also remove any dead leaves.

~ Ask the Akin’s crew for help! If you have more questions or concerns, we are always here to help!

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