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Address pest/disease problems in landscape

Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine grass

A healthy landscape is a thing of beauty, but there are plenty of pests and diseases out there that can wreak havoc. Treatment is most effective at the first sign of problems.

The top three we see and our recommendations:

  1. Lawns: Brown patch (brown to gray irregular to circular patches), gray leaf spot (gray, yellow or ash-colored spots with darker borders on leaves) and red thread (tan or pink circular patches, pink threads upon close inspection) are the diseases we are see most frequently. They can be treated with Fertilome F-Stop, a granular product, or Fertilome Liquid Systemic Fungicide.

  2. Fungus on ornamental plants: If your plants look like they have been dusted with confectioner's sugar, they have powdery mildew. Leaf spots on plants like hydrangea are caused by another fungus. Treat with Fertilome Liquid Systemic Fungicide.

  3. Snails and slugs: Wet weather is paradise for these slimy pests. We recommend earth- and pet-friendly Sluggo or Natural Guard Slug and Snail Bait.

And always remember to read and follow directions on the product label.

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