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Akins Lawn Care Program

A Beautiful Lawn is Just a Few Easy Steps Away

This year... get the beautiful lawn you have always wanted. Akin's has outlined easy steps to follow to achieve a green, weed free lawn. You can't wait until Spring! By the time spring is here, the weeds have already started growing. Start in January or February before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees with an application of Turf & Ornamental Weed Stopper containing Dimension. This pre-emergent will stop weed seeds from germinating and can be applied on all types of grass and in flower beds. Don't miss this application. Later, in Spring its time to apply your Weed & Feed. In the heat of the summer you can apply Lawn Food and another application of Dimension. End the year with Winterizer and Bug Blaster. Come see the knowledable staff at Akin's if you have any questions.

We have hard copies of the diagram above for you to reference all year.

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